The story of how the Mudflap idea started...

My good friend Doug who I always ride with, always likes to be the last bike in the group. I'm usually the next to last bike (directly in front of him).

On our trip to Lake Placid, we got caught up in a heavy rainstorm. Doug called me  on the CB to say that I was throwing mud and debris all over his trike!  Once we arrived back home he bought me a Harley mudflap. 

A very nice gesture, but my Spyder ate that up in no time at all!

In order to keep my friend happy, I decided to design a mudflap that would work on my Spyder RTS. After much trial and error I designed specs on the mudflaps shown.  REAR MUD FLAP ACCENT CAN-AM SPYDER RT

The first trip with my new mudflap installed, was to Spyderfest III in Springfield, MO. Those who attended know how much it rained during that week.  Spyder riders kept asking how they could buy the mudflap.  I explained that it was made for my own personal use, but could accomodate their request.

From there, the orders began!

I have over 11,000 miles using the mudflap and it's doing fine with no problems.

This rubber Mudflap is made of American material designed to do the job.  All of  the hardware is Stainless Steel and Installation is easy!

My Mudflaps are also available on Ebay. I'm receiving many International as well as U.S. orders. I'm a member of Spyderlovers.com, and now a supporting vendor.

We are happy to provide a quality product to help fellow riders.

Thanks for your interest!